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Dealing with an oven breakdown can undoubtedly disrupt your daily routine. At such times of inconvenience, our team of skilled service engineers stands ready to provide an effective solution. Having successfully restored countless ovens and cookers to full functionality, we offer you an alternative that can spare you from the expense of purchasing a brand-new unit and dealing with the logistics of installation.

Instead of embarking on the journey of acquiring and fitting a new oven, consider reaching out to us. Our experts are adept at swiftly diagnosing the issue plaguing your oven and executing the necessary repairs. The best part? It comes at a mere fraction of the cost you might incur for a complete replacement.

Don’t let a malfunctioning oven dampen your spirits or stretch your budget. Place your trust in our experienced professionals to bring your oven back to life efficiently and affordably.

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Opting for oven repair should be your primary decision, except when the expense surpasses that of a new oven. Should your oven consistently underperform, necessitating frequent servicing, it could signal that it’s no longer a practical investment. The accumulation of expenses can swiftly become burdensome through repeated repair and part replacements. With these factors in mind, our technician will evaluate your appliance’s state during the initial visit and advise on the feasibility of proceeding.

We furnish you with adept and skilled technicians who are dedicated to resolving your concerns. Employing state-of-the-art tools, we swiftly pinpoint issues and provide effective solutions. We handle all the necessary assessments, ensuring your confidence in partnering with the finest appliance repair company in Dublin

  1. Temperature Issues: Inaccurate temperature control or uneven heating, leading to undercooked or overcooked food.

  2. Oven Not Heating: The oven fails to reach the desired temperature or doesn’t heat up at all.

  3. Door Problems: Issues with the oven door, such as a faulty seal or hinge, which can affect heat retention and cooking efficiency.

  4. Burner Problems: Malfunctions with gas burners, including ignition issues or uneven flame distribution.

  5. Broil Element Not Working: The broil element may fail to heat up, affecting broiling functions.

  6. Bake Element Issues: Problems with the bake element, which can result in uneven baking or complete failure to heat.

  7. Control Panel or Timer Malfunctions: Issues with the digital display, knobs, buttons, or timers.

  8. Self-Cleaning Problems: Failures in the self-cleaning feature, such as door lock issues or incomplete cleaning cycles.

  9. Oven Light Not Working: The interior light may fail to illuminate when the oven is in use.

  10. Excessive Smoke or Odors: Smoke or strong odors during cooking, which could be due to food debris or malfunctioning components.

  11. Noises: Unusual sounds like rattling, buzzing, or clicking during operation.

  12. Gas Smell: A gas oven emitting a gas odor, indicating a potential gas leak and safety concern.

  13. Thermostat Problems: Malfunctions in the thermostat can result in incorrect temperature readings.

  14. Oven Door Won’t Close: Issues with the oven door not closing properly or staying shut during operation.

  15. Clock and Timer Issues: Problems with the clock display or timer settings.

  16. Excessive Cooking Times: Food takes longer to cook than usual, even at the correct temperature setting.

  17. Convection Fan Problems: Malfunctions with the convection fan, which can affect even baking and cooking.

  18. Sparks or Flames: Sparks or flames inside the oven during operation, indicating electrical or gas issues.

The typical lifespan of an electric oven falls within the range of 9 to 15 years, although this duration is approximate and subject to variation based on usage frequency. Intensive utilization, such as daily cooking, can expedite the wear and tear process, potentially shortening the oven’s lifespan. Conversely, infrequent usage – a few times weekly or less – can contribute to extending the oven’s operational longevity. Additionally, the oven’s manufacturing brand can impact its overall duration of service. Implementing regular cleaning and maintenance practices further enhances the oven’s durability over time.

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€0 call out charge on all repairs !